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Translation guide

We couldn’t have been as successful without your help!

And we’re still calling for translating RockPOS into other languages. So, if you’re speaking another language than English, you can consider using your forte to help us and have your first year using RockPOS free of charge in return. Please follow these steps to start translating:

  1. You’ll need:
    • English file: contact us to get the file.
    • A plain text editor: if you don’t have it, you need to download and install one. [There are many tools but we usually use Notepad++ which can be downloaded here]. 
  2. Open the English file with your favorite plain text editor. The file will look like this:translate guide
  3. Start translating directly in the English file by replacing English strings with your own translation; and please keep single quotes.
  4. When you finish, Save the file and send back to us.
  5. We’ll then process to give you 1 year license for free.


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