RockPOS v4

Faster checkout. New admin panel. 80% rewritten.

What's up with the new version?

Faster checkout

Shortening the queue and making your customer happy is our top priority from day one. We've tried hard to meet this goal but never let ourselves satisfied with our results. Every new version releases with more optimized features and in RockPOS v4, we introduce you the newest results:

- Faster to search.

- Faster to scan.

- Faster to accept payment (and complete an order).

In other words, you can do more with less clicks.

New printing technology

Frustrated with too many printing steps?

Not happy with low quality of receipt printing?

Wanna print receipts on different printers?

It’s no longer a problem in RockPOS v4 thanks to QZ tray technology (developed by QZ Industries, LLC).

From v4, you can set up, up to 2 printers to print receipt on. High quality receipts will be printed immediately once an order is completed.

"Design" your own receipt

And make it fit to your business.

Just drag a tag such as product name, shop address, loyalty discount or signature, etc.; drop it into the editor field; and preview it in real-time.

Of course, you can also print a test version in a second to view how it shows on paper.

Stay different from all retailers out there because this amazing feature is offered by RockPOS to PrestaShop’s retailers only.

Only ONE Manage screen to manage everything

You won't get lost in too many BO pages like Dashboard, Payment, Preferences, etc. anymore because in RockPOS v4, everything is bundled under a single screen named "Manage".

If you're cashiers, go with "Sell" screen.

If you're managers, go with "Manage" screen.

In RockPOS, we aim to keep things simple.

More security

Your sales/cashiers team now don't need to access to Back Office anymore as there is a dedicated page named "Sell" is designed for selling only. This reduces unintended or intended changes in shop setting from unauthoritised people.

Furthermore, you can customize your own URL for security (and/or brand image) reason and give it to the Sales/Cashiers team.

Starter version available. Free forever!

For the first time, RockPOS becomes a part of community: everyone can have RockPOS installed for free.

Get started with "Starter" version and upgrade when you grow bigger.

When you grow, we grow.

When you succeed, we succeed.

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