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RockPOS is designed for PrestaShop multi stores with ability to connect online and physical stores. Whatever you can do with PrestaShop online store, you now can do it, or even more with RockPOS at your physical shop. Every change of stocks, products, customers is immediately synced and you can access to these information anytime, anywhere using a computer or tablet. The good thing is you don't even need to get more than one management system even though you have more than two shops. No more missing track of what's going on at your other shops, everything is at your fingertips now.

Know your customers

No matter what your business is, customer is always your first concern. RockPOS allows you to add new customers or access to information of existing customers - who have previously purchased at your physical shop or on your online store; hence, you are able to plan and design marketing strategy to maintain relationships with them, like: privately send them a discount code on their birthday or simply tell them about your great promotion. You can plan all these in advance just using information captured by RockPOS.

Making pricing fun and flexible

Good price attracts people. You may have all pricing strategies lay in your head, now RockPOS makes it real and accessible. Setting up occasional discount or immediate discount is simple: add your discount value and enter, your customer will be happy with that special gift you give them. You can also choose from giving discount on total order value or discount on certain products with no issue because process is fast and accurate. Moreover, when it comes to payment, there are different currencies available to choose from which will keep you away from hassle of currencies exchange.

Split payments

Enable various payment methods and split payments is an interesting features which allows you to process payment with ease. Indeed, there are defaulted popular payment methods like cash, card, cheque, etc. from which your customers can choose to pay with. In addition, split payments allows your customers to pay separately with different methods on the same order. This feature is especially useful for businesses from which people normally purchase products or services in group.

Compatible with hardware devices

You currently use barcode scanner, cash register, or printer, etc. at your shop? No worries about having to get rid of these devices. RockPOS is built to work well with many different types of hardware, and in fact, these hardware make your life much easier. What about you don't have any of these hardware? No problem, RockPOS still works fine because the system is designed to be used even on your tablet which requires no hardware attached. In other words, hardware devices are additional, not necessary.

Flexible configuration

RockPOS is designed to meet various needs of our clients. Whatever you do on RockPOS, you have control of which information you want to display or hide: you can decide on how your products are displayed, choose which information to collect from your customers when they register, or even personally design your own sales receipt. This function allows you to focus on information that is important and useful for you and your customers, no more time wasting on irrelevant fields.


With the main RockPOS, you can get all the features you need from a Point of sales system. However, if you're still looking for more specific and enhanced features, we have them ready for you, too. You no longer have to pay money for features that you don't need thanks to our list of independent additional add-ons. Just pick the ones you need, add to cart and you have full hand of functional software that meet your business requirements.

Excellent customer service

We keep our customers at the heart and see customers as the important part of our company. We work our best to deliver you outstanding before-during- and after purchase service. If you have any concerns, just contact us and we will clear your concerns or solve your problems. One extra tip: we take into account any of your recommendations on making RockPOS better. So if you think there're features that good for your and other business, feel free to contact us.

Designed to enhance your shop management, boost efficiency and focus on selling!

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People are saying ...

Using PrestaShop POS to collect payments is super easy!You can even split a purchase in different payment types, which makes it great for charging groups of people.Awesome module! Very simple to use and great service.The creators replied all my questions almost inmediately and with simple and easy solutions.Couldn't be more happy with it

Rafael González Alén - Spain Erotica museum

How wrong could I be, I have spent hundreds in the past on waste of time modules, POS Pro does exactly what it says on the box and more add to this the guys are always at the end of an email it makes for a great value for money module its easy to use its partially customisable and it took me about 20 minutes to teach my staff how to use it, for me its been the best module I have purchased this year, also the guys are up for suggestions they listen, this module and team will go a long way, thanks guys.

Paul Law - UK puffdade

This module may not "look" sleek or easy on the eyes, but it does everything a proper POS PrestaShop module should do. Another great aspect is the how much upgrading and enhancing the team offers in a very short period of time. Best part of it all is the technical support, they will go above and beyond to sort issues out. Thinking of buying and very expensive PrestaShop POS module? think twice, this one will do it all!

Mukhled - Kuwait 9ayid

My client had 3 different brick and mortar shops. Each has a different PC hardware and barcode ccanners, printers etc. All worked flawlessly with RockPOS straight away. Have been working flawlessly ever since. Truly plug and play operation. If your PC can see it, RockPOS will see it.

Nick Galatis - Greece wefixit

This addon has become one of the main tools to our business. It allows to synchronize online shop and brick and mortar store saving you a lot of time. Processing orders is fast and intuitive. Easy to install, highly customizable, first class support, this is a must have module. Good job!

Gerard - Spain lacreme

Our experience with the software and the team behind it so far is great.The team has promptly made several customisations based on our request.We found the system robust and the support team knowledgeable and helpful.

Subin - Gurgaon (India) 99valuebazaar


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