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Operate Sales

Custom sales

Add product to cart by multiple ways: search keyword(s), scan barcode, filter categories for easy pick. If a product is not in the system, you can quickly add product to system and to cart at the same time with Custom Sales feature.

Guest checkout

RockPOS allows you to quickly create customer profiles even with their name, email or phone number. But if you don't need profiles, just complete order without a customer, RockPOS is that much flexible!

Give discount

Put a big smile on your customers' face by giving them a personal discount. RockPOS allows you to set discount on specific products or on the whole order, or on both. You can also easily choose discount by amount, % or using voucher code.

Collect loyalty points

Another way to make your customers happy is to give them points based on their spending at your store. No matter they buy online of in-store, their loyalty points will be recorded and used anytime, anywhere they wants, online or in-store.

Multiple currencies

If your shop is in a tourist city, you may need to collect payment in more than 1 currency. It's not a big problem for RockPOS because you can easily complete order with other currency if your customers ask for.

Accept payment

RockPOS supports any types of payment as well as allows multiple payment types on one order. You can choose to pay with 1 method, split payment, process partial payment or complete order without payment. With RockPOS, you can come back anytime to finish payment for the orders made.

Send e-receipt

Receipt and invoice are automatically regenerated when you complete an order and can be printed at once. You also can send receipt to your customers' emails which does not only save you money and protect esources but also gain a point in any environment-friendly customers' eyes.

Put orders on hold

If your customers cannot make up their mind straightaway, simply put their orders on hold to serve other customers first; you can always access to On Hold orders and complete it like normal.


In order to give a risk-free product, allowing customers to return or exchange is essential. Hence, RockPOS introduces a feature which allows you to quicky find related orders to return/exchange product(s). The good thing is, stock is automatically updated as soon as you complete a return/exchange order.

Record salesman

If you have more than 1 salesman, it can be useful to keep track of each salesman's performance. RockPOS requires salesman to pick his/her name before completing an order, then his/her sales record is ready to view in back office.

Connect with hardware

Complete orders faster and more accurate by connecting RockPOS with hardware like: barcode scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer, etc. If your computer can see these hardware, RockPOS can see it, too.

Customize product

If your shop allows customers to add their own style on the products, this is a feature for you. It allows you to add custom text or photos of your choice so that design team can see and create personalised products for your customers.

Support Management

Set up display

You can choose what and how information display in front office within few clisks. All you need to do is go to set up page once and the setting is implemented until you decide to change setting.

Allocate employees

If you have more than 1 physical store, you'd like to have staffs who are dedicated at certain store. With RockPOS, you can do that with ease.

Grant permission

You can give your employees access permission to some pages. This will not only keep your employees focus on their tasks but also reduce intended and unintended changes in system setting.

Access to orders history

From back office page, you can access to all completed and incompleted orders made by your customers. You can easily then edit order status or look up for associated customers and study their buying pattern.

Billingual support

This is an important features for countries that have 2 or more languages, which allows you to present two languages on receipt.

Design receipt

Get your receipt personalised with RockPOS. Simply pick any fields you want to display on receipt, drop these into the form and see how it looks in real time. Of course, you can also print out a draft receipt to see how it looks on paper.

Run dashboard/report

Keep track of your business performance in real time. It does not only show you your current sales but also shows the most popular products sold at the time and which employee is making the best sales. You can also export it into PDF or excel file.

Manage multistore

No matter if you have 1 or 100 physical store, management work still can be done effortlessly with RockPOS thanks to its synchronized function.

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