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Which devices that RockPOS can work on?

RockPOS can work on:

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • iPad

but PC and laptop are the best options. On tablet/mobile/iPad, some functions are limited like: scan barcodes, print by QZTray,… as well as the screen resolution is not good to display full elements in RockPOS.

To implement functions, RockPOS can connect with:

  • A tiroir caisse/ A cash drawer: We can connect with a cash drawer driven by a receipt printer. Read our post !
  • A receipt printer: You can print receipts in 2 ways: in PDF format or use QZTray. For PDF, you can use any printer to print. For QZTray, you can use printers that support QZTray. We recommend you use Epson printers. It is compatible with QZTray better than other brands. Or you can make a test at demo page of QZTray to check the compatibility between your printer and QZTray.
  • A barcode scanner: You connect your device via a USB port. Just plug in and scan!

To assist customers to experience RockPOS on their sites before purchasing, we release a trial version for a 30-day free trial. Download at http://rockpos.com/free-trial.

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