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Connect RockPOS with multi-warehouses

If you have more than 1 physical store and want to connect them with more than 1 warehouse, it’s not a problem because we’ve got your back: RockPOS works flawlessly with multi warehouses by utilizing multi-store feature of PrestaShop. Let’s see it this way:

  • You have an online shop (shop A)
  • But you want to sell your products at your 2 physical stores as well, so we have warehouse 1 (W1) and warehouse 2 (W2).

Here are steps:

1- Enable multi-store feature

2- Create a second shop (shop B)

3- Enable “Advanced stock management” in Preferences => Products

4- You now will see “Stock” tab where you can create 2 warehouses, W1 and W2, in which:

  • W1 is associated¬†with shop A only;¬†warehouse (1.1)
  • W2 is associated with shop B only.¬†warehouse (2.2)


5- Probably, you should create 2 employee accounts (under Administration => Employees), E1 and E2, where:

  • E1 is granted to shop A only.
  • E2 is granted to shop B only.

6- Install RockPOS if you haven’t done yet.


Now, it’s ready to use!

The employee 1 will work at warehouse 1. Any orders made by him/her will be deducted directly from warehouse 1 (W1).

And the same story happens to the employee 2 at warehouse 2.

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