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Customer loyalty and RockPOS

Customer loyalty is a function which is built to integrate RockPOS with another loyalty module and enable collecting/spending loyalty points in RockPOS.


List of loyalty modules that work with RockPOS


How does “loyalty” work?

  1. You need to have 1 of the above modules to activate loyalty function in RockPOS
  2. Configure the chosen module to:
    • Decide rate exchange from spent amount to points and from points to monetary reward value
    • When loyalty points are rewarded
    • When loyalty points are cancelled
  3. Go to RockPOS => Sell page => Create order for a customer => Complete order
  4. That customer is now rewarded points based on the amount she spent at your shop. Next time when she comes back, select her profile and you will see her collected points and the equivalent monetary amount which can be used to get discount on her order. give discount (1.1)

**If value rewarded is greater than amount due: give discount (2.2)

  • Once you click to apply loyalty reward, it will show there is 0 point left in the customer profile give discount (5.5)
  • The unused rewarded amount will be converted into a voucher code that shown in PrestaShop => Price rules => Cart rules give discount (4.4)
  • Next time when she comes back and wants to spend the unused rewarded amount:
    • Select her profile
    • Click “Discount”
    • You’ll see a voucher code in there which can be applied to current order directly.
    • Click to apply give discount (3.3)
    • Complete order like normal
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