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Index products

Indexing product is an important step to ensure all changes in your products will appear in search field. To index product, go to RockPOS => Manage => Set up => Product then scroll down until you see index list. There are 4 ways to index products into RockPOS:

Index products (2.2)

  • Auto-index: if you enable this option, the products will be indexed in the search automatically when there’s a saved change. If you rarely make changes in product list, this is a good option for you; otherwise, you should disable it because you don’t want index runs every time you make change and slow down the system (especially when you have huge amount of products).
  • Add missing products to the index: this option is to index only newly added products and ignore any other changes you make on existing products. This option is recommended when you only add new products to system.
  • Re-build the entire index: this option allows to run index on every single product (including existing and newly added ones).  Use this option when you make changes on existing products and/or add new ones.
  • Set up a cron job: this option only can be used by those who have a little technical knowledge. If you do wish to carry on this option, you’d better get advice from your IT person.

There is another set up in PrestaShop that will also affect searching for product in RockPOS (as well as on your online shop): set up “Weight”. By defining value (weight) for each search field, you can control “the importance and relevance for the ranking of the products when completing a new search” (Read more..). In order to set up “weight”, from back office, go to Preferences => Search and scroll down until you see “Weight”. Index products (3)

**Please note: if you don’t want to exclude any search fields from searching bar, make sure there’s no “0” value on any fields; otherwise you won’t be able to find product by that field in RockPOS (and on your online shop).

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