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Product customization in RockPOS

You now can add custom fields into your product in RockPOS without going through PrestaShop back office. This is a useful feature if your business is about selling custom products.


What’s product customization?

This is a function made by PrestaShop which enables you to set up whether or not customers need to add their desired photo and/or text onto the chosen products. By using RockPOS, your customer not only can place custom products online but also at your physical shop.


Enable product customization in RockPOS

Follow these steps to get product customization active:

  1. Enable product customization in PrestaShop by from back office, go to Catalog => Products => Edit a product => Customization => Change fields value to “1” to enablecustomization (1.1)
  2. Go to RockPOS => Sell => add product with custom fields enabled to cart, you’ll see the option to add photo and/or text to its custom fields customization (2.2)
  3. Upload photo and/or input text and Save
  4. Complete order like normal
  5. In PrestaShop back office => Orders, you’ll see the order in details with added custom photo and text. customization (3.3)
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