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RockPOS and payment methods

RockPOS supports different payment methods which enables you to serve your customers in the most flexible way. There are 4 pre-installed payments in RockPOS:

  • Cash
  • Check or cheque
  • Credit card
  • Installation

Moreover, you also can add your own payment(s) to meet your local business needs.

pre-installed payment

Currently, RockPOS hasn’t supported integration with any payment gateways directly yet. It means, when you choose to accept payment with credit card:

  1. You need to have a payment gateway already connected with your bank
  2. Type in amount due into payment gateway
  3. Take payment with credit card as usual
  4. Then mark that order payment as “Credit card” in RockPOS. credit-card-payment

**P.S: We’re working on integrating RockPOS with payment gateways and it will be available soon.

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