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Share your data with us

With the aim to improve RockPOS everyday, we’d need a little help from you, RockPOS user!

By sharing with us your data, you’ll help us understand what you need from a POS; hence, can come up with different functions which will meet your requirements better. There are only 2 data we want to gather now, but for the time being, we’d like to understand you better and we’ll surely ask for your permission before collecting more data from you.

Below are the 2 data we want to gather:

  • Your total order per month
  • Your most used configurations

As a RockPOS user, you can share these data with us by enabling the data sharing option from back office under RockPOS => Manage => Setup => Others


▸ Manage • RockPOS Demo - Google Chrome 2017-09-26 09.53.06



Whatever we collect, we will NOT collect the following data:

  • Email addresses
  • Subscriber information
  • Login and passwords

Your data is simply for us, RockPOS team, and guaranteed not to be used by any 3rd parties.

Help us improve your favorite PrestaShop Point of sale and share your data with us!

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