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Getting started with RockPOS

Welcome to RockPOS! This is the section where you will find all information and guidance you need to use RockPOS like a Pro. Here are the very first things you need to have RockPOS ready. Let’s get started!


PrestaShop store owner

At the moment, RockPOS is a Point of sale that built on the basis of PrestaShop so you must be the owner of (at least) a PrestaShop online store to be able to use RockPOS.

If you’re already using PrestaShop for your online store, using RockPOS will be as easy as a piece of cake for you.

If you’re not using PrestaShop yet but considering to switch, our detailed guidance will surely make it easier for you.

Just keep reading!

Choose a plan

We currently offering 3 different plans which will be suitable for different users’ needs.



For the first time, we decide to offer Free RockPOS to everyone because we see the strong need to try out a product before you can decide whether the product is suitable for you. Start plan lasts forever (yes, it lasts FOREVER) and it has ALL functions like in other plans. It’s suitable for anyone who are new to RockPOS and surely a useful plan if you’d want to check out how RockPOS get along with your business.



This plan is the best choice for most of shop owners thanks to its various functions. If you have a successful online shop and want to make your local shop the same, pick up this plan will ensure you to have all useful functions in hand to run a business smoothly with less effort.



This plan is most chosen by shop owners who have more than 2 different websites or by agencies due to its beneficial monetary value. This plan supports up to 10 domains along with all useful functions to make you (and your clients) satisfied.

Take a look at RockPOS’ pricing plans.

Download and install

As soon as after you pick a suitable plan, you can download (Startup plan) or process payment then download (Business and Enterprise plan) RockPOS.

Read more guidance to download and install here.

Verify licenses

Verify licenses is an important step to ensure your domains are registered and ready to use because RockPOS is a web-based module.

Let’s learn to verify license.

Start using

You’re nearly there! Not many major setups are required because we aim to simplify everything for everyone, especially to those who don’t have technical knowledge. Just need a minute or 2 to set up your whole system, you’re ready to use RockPOS.


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