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Connect to a barcode scanner

There are 2 main types of barcode: 1D and 2D.


1D barcodes:

Most of you might be more familiar with 1D barcode (including EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code128, Code39, etc.). 1D barcodes are a row of parallel lines of varying thickness:


You can create barcode labels with 1D barcodes for your products, and then use a barcode scanner to quickly add products to cart to shorten searching and adding time while checking out a customer.

To connect RockPOS with a barcode scanner, you just need to follow instruction to connect the scanner to your computer. If your computer can recognise the scanner, RockPOS will work smoothly with it.


2D barcodes:

2D barcodes are a pattern of black and white blocks arranged in a square:

2D barcode

2D barcodes are less used on products but rather on gift cards or on physical confirmations as a reference.

At the moment, RockPOS hasn’t support 2D yet but it is our future plan.

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