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Connect to a receipt printer

RockPOS works perfectly with receipt printer, especially with the help of QZ tray. This article will show you steps to get printer ready for receipt printing:

  • Download and install QZ tray
  • Launch QZ tray
  • Connect receipt printer
  • Check if receipt printed correctly


Download and install QZ tray

QZ tray is a must-have plugin for printing from RockPOS, which helps:

  • Automatically print receipt when complete orders.
  • Improve quality of printed receipt.

QZ tray is a premium software and we’ve already paid for its license so all you have to do is download and install it like normal, and it’s ready to use.


Launch QZ tray

It is important to launch QZ tray before you print out receipt otherwise receipt won’t be printed out. To launch QZ tray, simply double click on its icon.

You can choose to set QZ tray automatically run when you turn on your computer to prevent forgetting enable it:

  • Right click on QZ tray icon
  • Tick Automatically start

Launch QZ tray


Connect RockPOS with receipt printer

To connect RockPOS with a receipt printer, you just need to follow instruction to connect the printer to your computer. If your computer can recognise the printer, RockPOS will work smoothly with it.


Check if receipt printed correctly

You can check how receipt is printed out by following these steps:

  • Locate to RockPOS => Manage => Set up => Receipt.
  • You will be asked to launch QZ tray. When it’s all done, click continue.
  • Here comes receipt setup. You can skip it for now as 1 default receipt is created already for you.
  • At step 3 Template, you will see the default receipt where you can print out. Click Print to see if receipt is printed out correctly. Print receipt
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