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Hardware and RockPOS

RockPOS connects with retail hardware that helps you run your business smoothly and faster. The most common hardware that you may use are barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer and credit card reader.


Barcode scanner

From back office, you can use barcode scanner to add barcode to products then from front office, you can scan barcode to add a product and/or its combination to cart. To connect barcode scanner, follow this guide.


Receipt printer

RockPOS now can send request straight to receipt printer as soon as you complete an order. To connect receipt printer, follow this guide.


Cash drawer

RockPOS works smoothly with cash drawer; however, it must need a receipt printer in middle to help sending request. Which means you complete order => (automatic request sent) print out receipt => (receipt printer send request) cash drawer opens.

We also notice new tax rule is coming in some countries in Europe (eg: France – NF525, German – GoDB compliance, etc.) which relates to cash drawer and plan to make RockPOS compatible later this year.


Credit card reader

RockPOS allows you take payment by many different methods including credit card. At the moment, RockPOS hasn’t worked directly with card reader yet, but rather you have to connect card reader to your computer, take payment then input amount taken into RockPOS to complete order. To make RockPOS work with card reader is also our priority.

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