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Upgrade to v4.x

If you’re already a RockPOS user, this article is for you, which will show you the way to upgrade to v4.x


What’s new in RockPOS v4.x?

A lot, we have to say!

  • Faster checkout
  • New printing technology
  • Design your own receipt
  • One “Manage” screen to manage everything
  • Separate “Sell” screen for cashiers
  • Make custom sales with ease

Check out for more features.


How to upgrade to v4.x?

Due to new technical implementation, you won’t be able to upgrade using normal way like you did with previous RockPOS versions. Instead, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to our Free trial page and download version 4.x 
  2. Locate to PrestaShop back office => Modules and services => Modules and services => Uninstall and delete current version of RockPOS (and all its addons if you have any). All your up-to-date data is safe and will be shown in RockPOS once v4.x is installed.
  3. Upload version 4.x and install like normal
  4. You’ll see RockPOS tab with 2 pages Sell and Manage rockpos-pages
  5. Now you’re all set. Happy using RockPOS!


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