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Customers setup

This section allows you to set up anything relates to customers, including:

  • Guest checkout
  • Default guest account
  • “Guest checkout” warning
  • Email customers


Get to Customers setup

  • From back office, go to RockPOS => Manage
  • From Manage screen, choose Set up => CustomersGo to Customers


Guest checkout

This option allows you to choose whether or not a customer’s account is needed to process checkout.

  • Guest checkout is enabled: once a cart is created, you can straightaway process checkout without adding a customer.
    • 1. Add product to cart
    • 2. No need a customer added
    • 3. Able to checkoutGuest checkout
  • Guest checkout is disabled: once a cart is created, you have to add a customer to be able to checkout.
    • 1. Add product to cart
    • 2. No need a customer added
    • 3. Unable to checkoutGuest checkout


Default guest account

This is where you can choose a “virtual” account for guests. Because RockPOS is built on PrestaShop platform so an account (including name, email, etc.) will be automatically created even if that’s a guest checkout. To prevent various accounts created whenever you have guest checkouts, we created this option to allow you to choose a default account and whenever there’s a guest checkout, RockPOS will automatically assign the guest’s order to this account.


Without any changes, RockPOS already has a default account for your guests. You still be able to edit the account or choose another default one, though.Guest account


“Guest checkout” warning

This option is very useful if you require adding customer to order if possible.

  • “Guest checkout” warning enabled: you will still be able to process guest checkout but before moving to “payment”, a warning message will pop up to make sure you’d want guest checkout or you just forgot to add customer.Guest checkout warning
  • “Guest checkout” warning disabled: no warning message pops up when you move to “payment”.


Email customers

This setting allows you to choose when an confirmation email is sent to customers. At the moment, there are 2 options to choose from (you can choose both if want to):Email customers

  • Email sent whenever an account is created.
  • Email sent whenever an order is made.
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