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Payment setup

This section allows you to set up anything relates to payment, including:

  • Enable/Disable payment
  • Manage payment methods


Get to Payment setup

  1. From back office, go to RockPOS => Manage
  2. From Manage screen, choose Set up => Payment Go to Payment


Enable/Disable payment

  • Enable payment is on (popular option): once you have product in cart, you’ll have an option to collect payment then complete order. Enable payment (2.2)This option is more popular by most shop owner as they want to record the amount of money paid by different methods.
  • Enable payment is off (less popular option): once you have product in cart, you’ll have an option to complete order straightaway. Disable-paymentThis option is less used by shop owners as it’s more likely to be used by ones who only take cash so there is no need to go through collect payment step, but rather go straight to complete order.


Manage payment methods

  • Enable/Disable payment methods: to activate methods that is used and deactivate methods that is less used so it won’t show up in front office. payment method (2.2)
  • Rearrange methods order: this setup allows you to decide the order of methods displayed in front office (from left to right) which makes it more convenience for you to click when it comes to select payment method.
  • Add new method(s): if your shop accepts other payment methods than the 4 pre-set methods, you can easily remove or add new methods that match your need. Enable payment (4.4)
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