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Products setup

This section allows you to set up anything relates to products, including:

  • Enable for sale
  • Language displayed on receipt
  • Product search criteria
  • Default: search criteria, pre-load categories, display image in cart
  • Index products


Get to Products setup

  • From back office, go to RockPOS => Manage
  • From Manage screen, choose Set up => ProductsGo to Products


Enable for sale

You can choose which products available for sales based on its:

  • Status: products with status “active” and “in-stock” are defaulted to be available for sale, which means products with these 2 status will be able to add to cart. In addition, you can choose whether or not products with status “inactive” and “out-of-stock” are able to add to cart.Enable for sale
  • Visibility setup: when you create a product in PrestaShop back office, you’d have a choice of choosing where product will be shown (everywhere, catalog only, search only or nowhere). Hence, in RockPOS set up, we enable you to choose products with which visibility status will be shown in front office and be able to add to cart.Enable for sale


Language displayed on receipt

This is a very useful setting if you’re located at a country that has more than 1 official language. It allows you to display product name in different languages at the same time (in shopping cart, receipt, invoice, etc.). Just need few quick setting, and you’re ready:

  1. Make sure you enable multi-language in PrestaShop back office
  2. Go to Catalog => Products
  3. Click edit a product
  4. Set product name in different language (eg: English, French and Spanish) then SaveProduct name
  5. Go to RockPOS => Manage => Set up => Products
  6. At “multiple language” section, choose all language you want to display (in this case are English, French and Spanish)Multiple languages
  7. Make sure you’re logged in by account that using 1 of the 3 languages above
  8. Go to RockPOS => Sales
  9. Add the product with name edited to cart and you’ll see product name shows in 3 different language.Product name


Product criteria displayed

This setting allows you to choose which product fields to show in list of searched product as well as when product added to cart. There is 1 default criteria (name) and 3 other criteria (ID, reference, stock) which you can choose to display.Product criteria


Default setting

  • Search criteria: in search bar, you can type any keyword(s) to get the list of related products. By choosing a default search criteria, you save a step to choose the most used criteria. Obviously, you still can switch to another criteria in front office if needed.Search criteria
  • Pre-load categories: this setting lets you choose to display products of which categories for easy and fast picking products.Default catogories
  • Images in cart: you can choose whether or not to display product image in shopping cart.Display image
  • Index products: this is a very important setting that you need to do whenever you have products added (or edited) including when you first install RockPOS (because products created in PrestaShop is marked as new to RockPOS)
    • Auto indexing: when you enable this, products will be automatically index whenever changes happen.
    • Add missing products to the index: adding newly added products to your system (RECOMMENDED! You can use this instead of “auto indexing” if you don’t want to system keep updating whenever there’s a change as it may slow down whole system).
    • Re-build the entire index: index ALL products, including current products and newly added products (it is useful when you have new products added as well as you do some changes on current products)
    • Set up a cron job (it is recommend to ask a developer to do this method for you if you don’t have technical knowledge)

**Please note that all products need to get indexed so that you can see these in front office.Index products

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