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Receipt setup

From RockPOS 4.0 and above, you’ll be able to experience a better receipt print technique as well as be able to design your own receipt just by dragging and dropping. Receipt setup includes 3 main parts:

  • Set up QZ tray
  • Initial setting (General)
  • Design receipt (Template)


Get to Receipt setup

  • From back office, go to RockPOS => Manage
  • From Manage screen, choose Set up => ReceiptGo to Receipt


Set up QZ tray

Installing QZ tray is a must to get receipt printed in RockPOS. We implement this technique because it helps:

  • Automatically print receipt when complete orders.
  • Improve quality of printed receipt.


Hence, before you can set up your receipt, you’ll be asked to install QZ tray:

  • Click “I already installed it” to get direct to next step.
  • Click “Just tell me” to learn how to download and install it.Set up QZ tray


After that, you’ll need to confirm you’d launched QZ tray to move to General setting step.Set up QZ tray


Initial setting

In this part, you’ll set up:

  • Printer: you can choose up to 2 printers to get your receipt printed.Choose printer
  • Logo: insert your shop logo which will be displayed on receipt.Upload logo
  • Header and footer text: add any messages that you want to display on receipt as header and footer. Especially, if you’ve enabled multi-language in your store, you’ll be able to create messages in different languages at the same time. For example if you write message in English and French, if you login by account using English, message displayed on receipt will be in English while if you login by account using French, the French message will show on receipt.Add text

After done with this part, click Continue to get to next step.


Design receipt

Here you go, a very interesting part! You’ll see 3 columns displaying:

  • (1) List of tags by categories
  • (2) The section where you drop tags that are picked from (1)
  • (3) A real-time updated template that present how your receipt will look like.Design receipt

Obviously, you can print the template out to see how it looks in on paper.

Once happy with the design, remember to click Save otherwise all changes will lose.

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