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About RockPOS

We are...

...a team of passionate people who eager to make a convenient and flexible POS solution to all PrestaShop users. After 3 years working closely with PrestaShop and its customers, we’ve seen the pain of PrestaShop retailers who have online and brick & mortar store but cannot connect the two shops: controlling two shops separately is very time consuming and it requires lots of detailed manual work.

Hence, RockPOS was first introduced in early 2015, aiming to enable PrestaShop retailers keep track of both online and physical shops in real-time. The biggest issue is solved, we focused on making RockPOS more functional and user-friendly. Knowing our solution could help people run their business in an easy and flexible way has delighted us and made us try harder. Now in 2017, RockPOS has become the most trusted POS and served 1,500+ PrestaShop users all over the world.

Our core value

Customers first! We are fast-developed and creative. And we work towards your satisfaction.

We've gone far, and further:

June - 2011:

Started as a freelancer team working dedicatedly with PrestaShop platform and providing wide range of services:

  • Module customization and development

  • Theme creation

  • Ongoing support

  • Performance optimization

Since then, we served 516 clients along with their ongoing projects, most of them based in Europe, the US, Canada, Singapore and Australia.

Mar - 2013:

We started developing PrestaShop modules and sold on PrestaShop marketplace. By the end of 2014, we’d got:

  • 18 modules developed

  • 1400+ orders

  • Honored to be one of the best PrestaShop contributors.

Jan - 2015:

While working with thousands of shop owners around the world, we realised that there was a big gap between an online store and a physical store: there was no direct solution to run an omni-channel business with PrestaShop. Point of sales Pro, later on renamed to RockPOS, has been developed in-house and with love to fill that gap.

  • We got the first order in April 2015.

  • Reached 500 customers in Jan 2016, 10 months after launching.

Feb - 2016:

Receiving requests from our clients, we realised that there were a lot of features can be developed to make our clients’ life easier; however, as what needed by this client might not be needed by other clients, we decided to develop more features as add-ons so that they just need to pay for what they want.

  • “Filter products” is the very first RockPOS add-on we created and was released in Mar 2016

  • By Sep 2016, totally 8 add-ons were in the market

  • Release the most wanted add-on “Return/Exchange” in Dec 2016

  • 3 main versions of RockPOS released, which marked our fast and regular development.

  • Reach 1500 customers by the end of 2016.

May - 2017:

RockPOS v.4.0 is released as a combination of RockPOS and its add-ons, with the hope to provide our customers a complete POS that helps them sell better and control easier.

Our vision

Our vision is to swipe away your worries when running an online store by together with Prestashop revolutionising the ecommerce industry with our great and up-to-date POS versions. We aim to give 10.000 PrestaShop stores all over the world a Point of Sale solution which integrated with their online PrestaShop store in the next 3 years.

We are working hard on our dream of delivering a flawless shopping process for both, you (our dearest merchants) and your customers.